How to embrace online donations

Online donations are growing big time. Now’s the time to get your organization primed and ready to embrace this new behavior.


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Jackie Zimmerman

Jackie Zimmerman

March 7, 2022


Blog Effective Donation Forms

What makes an effective donation form?

Hi! I’m Oli Shaw-Latimer, the Global Director of Financial Tech for JustGiving from Blackbaud. I’m going to talk you through what makes an effective donation form, and explain how our new Giving Checkout form works.




Oliver Shaw-Latimer

3 March, 2022

Oliver Shaw-Latimer



Blog Grow Donations

5 great tips to help you grow your funds

Earning more for your cause is a must. Without this you can’t grow your organization, or do even more of the great work that you do. So, here are 5 great ways to help you do just that.




Jackie Zimmerman

February 28, 2022

Jackie Zimmerman


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